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I’m Pamela Parker, a Vocal Coach and Music Producer. I have been performing and studying music my whole life and training artists for the past 21 years. I am a vocal, guitar & piano coach along with a music producer and audio engineer. For the past 15 years, I've been working at a historic recording studio in San Francisco, CA called Hyde Street Studios.  I want to share with you all I know in and out of the studio and on and off the big stages.  There is a lot of preparation that goes into every step of the process. Daily exercises keep your vocals in shape while the technical training will build your confidence.   

 I’ve always wanted to give other singers the opportunities to learn these things. I’ve always wanted to share these secrets with everyone, but never had the time to sit down with each person one at a time. So after much persuasion, I decided now was as good a time as any. This is why I created this vocal endurance training...so you can Own Your Voice, like I do~

Benefits of Proper Vocal Training

There are many benefits  of discovering how to use your voice and build your vocal range.  Here are some of my personal favorites:

  • Build better confidence in your singing
  • Create a strong and dynamic stage presence
  • Sing with more precision and ease
  • Build your high range more comfortably and with no harm to your vocal cords
  • Build self-esteem
  • Connect with others through music
  • Express & heal yourself through music


Own Your Voice: A Vocal Endurance Training


Take your voice to the next level and learn how to build the vocal endurance of a professional singer. In this training, I will take you through all you need to know to transform your voice in just 10-20 minutes a day!  Get started today and see results tomorrow!!!



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Voice Student, Arianna Angelini 

(mother, Angie, wrote a quote about her progress in 6 months with me)


When Covid hit, we struggled to find a  relevant way to continue our daughter's singing craft.   We didn’t want her to lose the passion for creating or momentum but it quickly became critical for us to find Arianna a safe but fun outlet.  Through an extremely trusted advisor, we were introduced to Pamela.  Pamela first worked to understand our daughter’s strengths and opportunities for advancing and quickly incorporated a growth strategy.

Pamela taught Ari how to use her voice and quickly incorporated the correct vocal technique.  Most importantly, Pamela knows how to do this in a very constructive way.   Arianna has come leaps and bounds.   We are blown AWAY at what she has been able to learn in 6 months.  Pamela is versatile with style. She is unique and we know how fortunate we are to have this opportunity to work with Pamela.  She is a true professional in all sense.

Life has thrown Arianna this silver lining!

Voice Student, Jeremy Cotter

“Pamela is incredible. Period. She combines her extensive musical experience and natural talents — with an amazing ability to nurture, coach, and help you evolve into the best musician you can be. I have had the pleasure of receiving multiple lessons from her, in vocal training as well as musical composition, and I am deeply grateful.”


 Pamela was her Vocal Coach & Music Producer

for her First EP, Greyscale 

“I started working with Pamela Parker when I was 16 years old–I didn’t know anything about the music industry, but she empowered and mentored me as I started my songwriting journey. She was a producer, co-writer, and vocal coach for my first EP, Greyscale, and she really brought my project to life with her creativity, passion, and extensive knowledge. She made sure that my songwriting was enhanced by intricate instrumentation, harmonization, and other unique production elements. She encouraged me to take risks and move out of my comfort zone, but she also made sure that the integrity of my vision was upheld and that the quality of my music was the best that it could be. Many years later, she continues to support me on my musical journey and I'm so thankful for her mentorship!”

This training is for you, if you want to…


  • Be confident in your singing
  • Have the skills to sing just about any song
  • Perform for an audience with stellar reviews
  • Record your vocals in a studio well-prepared and to the best of your ability
  • Discover the basics of vocal health and warm-up exercises that will take your voice to the next level
  • Have a strong technical foundation of what makes your voice the best it can be
  • Discover how to sing higher with more confidence and consistency
  • Learn how to audition for shows / gigs / bands
  • Become a paid professional singer
  • Be the best singer you can be




Own Your Voice: A Vocal Endurance Training


Take your voice to the next level and learn how to build the vocal endurance of a professional singer. In this training, I will take you through all you need to know to transform your voice in just 10-20 minutes a day!  Get started today and see results tomorrow!!! 



: : : : CLICK HERE : : : : Own Your Voice : : : A Vocal Endurance Training : : : :

Here are some of the bonuses you will get with this training.


By utilizing the essential breathing techniques and lung expansion exercises, your voice will become more consistent in volume, tone, and pitch every time you sing. By the end of this training, you will have the confidence in your abilities to tackle any size stage. Breath is life.  In singing, breathing is your lifeline to luxurious tone!


The truth about practice is if you're consistent, you will see results.  The exercises, tricks and bonuses that come with Own Your Voice all add up to enough material to keep you busy practicing for hours.  Though, it is recommended to warm-up the voice for at least 10-20 minutes. Then spend some good time singing your songs!

Vocal Health

Discover the ins and outs of your own voice. Vocal health is a very important part of becoming a professional singer.  You will start to understand when your voice needs rest, and how to prepare the voice to sing; so you don't harm your voice while singing a big song. Deep dive with me in how to keep your voice in tip top shape!


Bonus material includes special tips on how to select your songs, how to select the key of your songs, how to prepare for stage, and my easy to follow guide to music theory lingo. This is a total level up, for your skill set and communication with the musicians you work with daily.

My own life and experience is my biggest asset to sharing with you the secrets of a seasoned voice.


I’ll share with you my daily routine, which has allowed me to feel 100% confident in my singing.  This is a huge game changer.  This is one of the keys to me being hired over and over again.  

 The Benefits of Vocal Endurance…

  • Longer Gigs = More Money

  • Not Getting Sick = Not Having to Cancel Any Shows

  • Ability to Sing Any Genre = Flexibility with my voice = More Opportunities to be hired as a singer = More Money

  • Bigger Vocal Range = Sing More Songs


When I discovered these things along the way, I was able to charge more for gigs.  The fact is because I was able to go from a 30 minute show to a 3-4 hour show, I was able to get paid more per gig. If you’ve got an ability to provide a longer set, you will get booked at many more venues and festivals, that is a fact!

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Finding Your Consistency


Consistency is Key:  Discover the daily exercises you need for your voice to build the strength and endurance to last a whole night’s show or a full day recording session in the studio. This in turn increases your value and what you can charge.



Killer Confidence


Confidence is make or break. If you want to have the confidence to sing any song in any setting, you will discover how to use these vocal warm-ups to build your strongest voice, so you emerge a solid singer!!! 10-20 minutes a day will work wonders!



Music Theory

(It's not as hard as you think)

Basic music theory is a game changer.  The bonuses alone are worth it.  Own Your Voice includes multiple bonuses, like basic music theory terms that will help you understand what everyone is talking about at the next rehearsal.  


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Own Your Voice: A Vocal Endurance Training

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