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I'm Pamela Parker. I have been performing and studying music my whole life and training artists for the past 21 years. I am a performer, producer and audio engineer who is a multi-instrumentalist.  People often say I have powerhouse pipes. I have opened up for Heart with my band and engineered recording sessions with Grammy winning bands like Flor De Toloache (for Paul McCartney’s Xmas album) and so many more. One of my albums, Evolutionary Process, was up for Album of the Year and debuted at #1 on CHLY Radio in Vancouver, BC. My music team and I have created soundtrack music for multi-award-winning short film Love Hurts along with their theme song “Fire and Ice.“

Performing and producing music for the past two decades, Pamela has spent 15 of those years at the legendary Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco, CA as a staff engineer, music producer, session musician and vocal coach for many artists. 

I absolutely love to spread the knowledge of recording and the art of music to the next generation of producers and musicians!  Music is a powerful tool for change, connecting with the global community and great at opening the heart. Because the words carry the message of every song, singing is such a valued asset.

I am here to share with you all I know in and out of the studio and on and off the big stages.  There is a lot of preparation that goes into every step of the process. Consistent daily exercises keep your voice in shape while technical training will build your confidence...as with any instrument or sport you'll ever learn!

I’ve always wanted to give other singers the opportunities to learn these things. I’ve always wanted to share these secrets with everyone, but never had the time to sit down with each person one at a time. So after much persuasion, I decided now was as good a time as any. This is why I created this vocal endurance training...so you can Own Your Voice, like I do 

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Pamela Parker Vocal Academy

Vocal Coach

As a Vocal Coach and Vocal Producer, I've been serving the singing community for over 20 years. I'm classically trained and have been the front woman of many bands. The array of styles runs the gambit from classical to jazz to musical theater to funk and back to rock! I love working with different ages and genres of singers. I will share with you my daily routine and personal secrets to singing.

Pamela Parker Vocal Academy

Music Producer

I've been a Music Producer for the past 21 years.  The last 15 of those years have been spent at the legendary Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco, CA as a music producer, staff engineer and session musician. I know how to make records quickly and efficiently in the best sounding way possible with some of the best sounding vintage gear you can get your hands on in this fine world today!

Pamela Parker Vocal Academy


As a performer for most of my life, I sing any style, I play guitar & piano and have been seen behind a drum kit on special occasions. The live band experience blends sultry soulful vocals with powerful rock anthems creating a fresh landscape with a wide range of inspiration from artists like Aretha Franklin, Thin Lizzy, Funkadelic and Heart. The Machine Heads call it HeartRock.

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Pamela Parker

by Jetta Cole

If Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix had a love child it would be Pamela Parker. Embodying the spirit of empowerment with her daring look and red lipstick, she is as fierce on stage as she is behind the scenes. Whether firing up a crowd with soulful tones of voice and guitar, or producing and recording in the studio, she puts her heart into all that she does. What sets Pamela Parker apart from the rest is her commitment to her craft, her desire to succeed and mentor other artists’ along the way, along with the raw talent that she continues to develop and grow. This dynamic woman with a dynamite sound has worked hard and faced many challenges to get to the place she is at today. Her fearlessness and devotion to music has led her on a path unpaved to San Francisco, where she began her band, The Fantastic Machine. This Queen of Rock N’Roll came from humble beginnings in Maryland then moved to rural Oklahoma at the age of 13 and her road to San Francisco was a long journey filled with heartbreak, soul-searching, and amazing adventures. She struggled through many broken hearts and the challenge of being a single mother.  She prevailed through it all and never gave up on her dream. She has developed local success and now she’s ready for her international acclaim. Pamela Parker is going to take the world by storm and touch the lives of all who hear her music.

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Voyage LA Magazine Interview: The Pamela Parker Story
Pamela Parker

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I've been a music coach for 21 years and taught everyone from ages 2 ½ to 65 yrs old. Early on in my teaching career I managed a few recording studios, Avalon Studios (Bethesda, MD) & One World Studios (Washington, DC) and also offered private lessons through Travelling Teachers. I received 2 degrees in music: Vocal Performance & Commercial Music (Recording Production & Classical Voice), both of which I double-minored in jazz & classical piano & guitar (more of a quadruple minor).  After college, I moved to San Francisco, California and started working at Hyde Street Studios & Blue Bear School of Music in 2007. I still work at Hyde Street Studios today as a music producer, audio engineer, & session musician.  At Blue Bear School of Music, I worked there for about 10 years teaching voice, piano, guitar, songwriting & recording workshops as well as I still give some of their kids playshops at High Sierra Music Festival every year.  I also started a music school in 2010 with MonaLisa Wallace called The San Francisco Rock School and we catered to home-school bands, songwriting & recording workshops. I also ran the music school portion of Impact Performing Arts in Maryland in 2012 & 2013 doing all of the same fun stuff with teaching music, songwriting & recording.  I love to share the knowledge of music to all who want to learn, and I love to pass down the art of songwriting, so our life stories can be handed down from generation to generation for all of time.  This is why I had to begin the Pamela Parker Vocal Academy, where I can share what I know with all who want to learn!

I hope you enjoy your journey through music as it takes you up and down and all around this beautiful world! 

Let's Keep On, Keep On Movin'~

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Pamela Parker

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